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Looking for a speaker for your writers group?

Talking books and inspiring writers to put their best book into the world is my favorite thing. I’m available to speak to writers groups in person regionally (I live near Charlotte, NC) or via Skype, well, everywhere else. You can choose from my common programs, or we can discuss something more specific to your group. Just email me to set it up.



This program is suitable to small groups, no more than 20 participants.

It can be hard to get constructive feedback from someone who knows what goes into a good book. In this workshop, each participant will receive feedback on 3 pages of their writing. Samples must be sent no less than three weeks before the workshop date. They will be returned individually* at the workshop, where any common issues will be addressed with the group before a Q&A session. If time permits, I will meet with each participant to discuss any issues specific to their story.

* Please note: the samples and critiques will only be shared with the group with the individual’s permission

Get your novel ready for editors and agents

This program is suitable to all group sizes.

You’ve finally finished your manuscript! Now it’s time to send your novel to its first editor: you! Learn how to get your book ready for editors and agents and what to look for from the top down—including content, consistency, readability, and grammar. You’ll have the chance to get answers from a professional editor, plus the opportunity for a 3-page critique afterwards (instructions for critique will be provided at the end of the session).


Contests and giveaways

I often contribute free critiques as a prize for contests and giveaways for writing conventions, festivals, and other events. To learn more, email me.

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