JeniChappelle-smallMy path to editing wasn’t the normal one.

My husband used to own and run a little bookstore. Part of the plan for the store was to give local and self-published authors (who were less common in those early days of Kindle!) a venue for their work. I planned the marketing and events for the store, so I was lucky enough to get to know quite a few of the authors in our area.

In 2009 one of our self-pub authors asked if I could look over her new manuscript and give her my opinion about its marketability with our customers. My feedback was extensive, the author was impressed, and I was hooked!

Most importantly, I learned that although I have the know-how to write a book, my real passion is helping other writers bring their books out into the world. Editing is the perfect blend of my analytical skills and my creative spirit–it keeps both sides occupied so they’re not always fighting!

From our bookstore

From our bookstore

It wasn’t long, and I was mentoring several local authors as a part-time business, and editing came as a natural extension of that. In 2013, I took the plunge to become a full time editor and writing coach.

I live in North Carolina, in an itty-bitty town a few miles from Charlotte, with my husband Shawn, our two kids, and our menagerie: one dog, seven cats, a million fancy rats, and a turtle. When I’m not editing, I’m indulging in local culture, history, art, geek-centric hobbies, and planning new things to do with my family. I don’t get to read for pleasure as much as I’d like, but it’s worth it to get paid to read all day.


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Jeni Chappelle is a freelance editor. She considers herself a hobbit lives in an itty-bitty town a few miles from Charlotte, NC with her family and a menagerie. Jeni is a participating editor in #P2P, #RevPit and #ShoreIndie. You can visit her blog and learn more about her editing at www.jenichappelle.com.


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